Trainings with Impella® Heart Pumps

ABIOMED offers clinical teams the opportunity to learn more about the theoretical and practical basics of Impella heart pumps in hands-on courses. Depending on previous experiences, the courses convey theoretical and practical principles for the use of the Impella heart pump.

What to expect

Our courses are...

  • Practical
  • facilitate your daily work
  • Target group-oriented

They offer…

  • Specifically designed course contents according to former Impella-experience
  • Competent and experienced speakers
  • State-of-the-art information
  • Practice at the simulator

And are for…

  • Interventional cardiologists
  • Cardiologists
  • Staff in a cardiac catheter laboratory, heart surgery and intensive care units (technicians and nursing staff)

Course concept

The courses are based on three levels - depending on the participants experience with Impella heart pumps:

Furthermore, the ABIOMED Academy offers self-study courses which can be accessed via After each course, the current state of knowledge can be tested in a small quiz.

I. Beginner

Building your Impella Program

In the course of this workshop, you will learn more about the Impella system. The course contains theoretical and practical principles for the use of Impella heart pumps.

Contents of the workshop

  • Hemodynamic differences between different support systems in theory and practice
  • Detailed information on the hemodynamic benefits of Impella heart pump support
  • Patient selection and patient management during hemodynamic support
  • Tips and tricks from the field

Building your Impella Program is aimed at cardiologists who have either recently introduced the Impella Program to their clinic or are planning on a timely start.

August 14th, 2019, Königstein

September 27th, 2019, Schwerin

Round Table Meeting

This meeting takes place during an evening event and facilitates the exchange of experiences.

The round table meeting is aimed at cardiologists and clinic staff, depending on the specific course theme. The theme is defined by the local ABIOMED Area Leader and guests are invited accordingly.

II. Experienced

Developing an Impella® Program – The Core Team Approach (Deutsch/International)

This interactive workshop provides participants with the opportunity to exchange experiences with other cardiologists about establishing the Impella systems and developing solutions for possible challenges. In groups, the members define interdisciplinary areas of responsibility and discuss them in the respective practical breakout sessions. The participants get tips and instructions on how to optimize their workflow.

Developing an Impella Program is aimed at Impella Core teams (cardiology, cardiac catheter laboratory, intensive care units) who want to deepen their efficiency when using the Impella heart pump.

Developing an Impella Program – The Core Team Approach (deutsch)

September 5th  – September 6th, 2019, Marburg

October 19th, 2019, Marburg

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Fit for ICU: This course covers mechanical heart support and patient management in the intensive care unit. In theory, simulator training and breakout sessions, the participants' knowledge will be supplemented and ideas for the establishment of SOPs will be discussed and conveyed. Proven and experienced speakers provide tips and tricks on patient management and help with their experience in setting therapy and care standards for Impella patients.

III. Expert

Advanced Hemodynamic Course (International)

In this workshop, participants have the opportunity to deepen their profound knowledge about hemodynamic support and get to know the newest therapeutic approaches and solutions for elective and emergency patients. During the course, patients will learn more about Protected PCI in order to identify the patients who have had no treatment options because of their high risk.

Advanced Hemodynamic Course is designed for experienced interventional cardiologists who use Impella heart pumps in their clinical practice. The participants will learn more about the concept of hemodynamic support during Protected PCI and the early use of the Impella system for cardiac support, unloading and regeneration.

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Round Table Meeting

The meetings will take place in the format of an evening event for the exchange of experiences at local level. 

The event is aimed at cardiologists and intensive care physicians. This course includes lectures on theory as well as presentations of case studies. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to exchange experiences.

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Impella® system training – Achieve Course

This course conveys the necessary knowledge about the successful use of Impella Therapy, as well as a training course according to the MPG guidelines. This course is taught by our experienced and specially trained field staff.

Impella® system training – Achieve Course is aimed at clinics that have just launched the Impella Program or are planning on launching it in the near future.

Further information

Individual appointments can be scheduled in direct consultation with your regional ABIOMED representative or by telephone with our customer service center via +49 (241) 8860-303.

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Impella® system training – Advanced Course

After scheduling an appointment with the ABIOMED representative, a training session will be organized in the respective clinic. Talking with our experts, open questions can be clarified and discussed. In addition, high-tech simulators can be used to gain practical knowledge of the Impella heart pump insertion procedure as well as to further improve the correct positioning and position control.

Impella® system training – Advanced Course is aimed at cardiologists and clinical staff who have already gained initial experience with the Impella heart pump, but want to deepen the routine of handling the system by means of exercises with simulators.

Further information

The training day can be arranged flexibly and takes place in the heart catheter laboratory or the intensive care unit of the respective clinic.

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Impella® system training – STAR Course

In our competence team training, small groups of participants can learn more about current scientific topics, gain special expertise in hemodynamic support with Impella heart pump and detailed tips and tricks for patient management in the intensive care unit.

Impella® system training – STAR Course is aimed at employees of cardiac catheter laboratories, heart surgery and intensive care units with a particular interest in establishing themselves as an Impella specialist within their clinic and competence team. Clinics in which Impella heart pumps have been used interdisciplinarily for a long time are addressed in this course.

Further information

The one-day training session takes place at the ABIOMED Learning Center in Aachen. The number of participants is limited and must be announced prior to the appointment.

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